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TRIMS Coconut and Avocado Oil solution is efficacious for making hair grow at a faster rate. The mono saturated fatty acid content in avocado oil helps hair follicles to make hair long rapidly. Coconut oil helps in making hair smooth and shiny and fights dandruff at the same time. There are few herbs in this oil which are known to cater frizz as well.

QTY: 230 ml

TRIMS Coconut & Avocado Oil Solution 🌿 (For Rapid Hair Growth)

  • Product is Completely Organic kindly use as per direction for amazing results.

    Use it on alternate days and leave it overnight.

    Use it like normal hair oil, massage with light hands on your scalp.

    For best results use it overnight every alternate day.

    Please use as directed for optimum performance. Please do not break the cycle ☺

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