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TRIMS Herbal Hair Oil is immensely effective for hair loss and scalp rejuvenation. It also heals the damage as well as dandruff and helps in giving volume to your hair.

Contribute in reducing frizz and dryness leaving your hair moisturized free from split rough ends. For even better results use it with TRIMS Organic Shampoo to give that extra wow factor to your hair.

TRIMS Herbal Hair Oil now available in comfortable pack of 250ml with Pump Dispenser. Enjoy the same hair care experience for a longer duration and with ease of application directly onto your hair.

QTY: 250 ML


It's base is of sesame seeds oil which has blend of 25 herbs and a combination of few essential and onion oil. It is a complete HERBAL and PURE recipe without any chemicals or anything artificial.

TRIMS Herbal Hair Oil (250ml)

₨2,550.00 Regular Price
₨1,999.00Sale Price
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