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Hello Souq Wasiyon, wassup?? 

Just wanted to let you all know that you can be a part of our "Souq Patrons" series 🥰 

We know you all love and support us a lot, so now is the time to give back a portion of love we receive 💗

  1. Whenever you will mention us on any forum be it your closed friends/family group or general queries on different forums about the stuff you think we can arrange. You will get 5 points 😍

  2. 60 points makes 300 rupees 

  3. Tag/mention TRIMS SOUQ website on the queries related to Fashion, Home Essentials, Lingerie, Fragrances, etc and simply send us an email with that screenshot on

  4. Every patron will get a unique Souq Patrons code once you send us first email, after that you will have to send us screenshots of your mentions with you patrons code as email subject ❤️❤️

  5. So once you have enough points to purchase your favorite stuff from us (SUBJECTED TO SP CATEGORY)

  6. You can also redeem your points on your purchases with us 💕

  7.  There will be a cap on each spending according to your points at the time of redemption

For further queries inbox us on our Facebook or Instagram.

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